Gabriel M.

"I have recommended to all my closes friends and family."

I came to Eugenia in one of the most challenging moments of my life.
I was trying everything I could to get some emotional relief. I tried traditional psychotherapy and sessions with other spiritual teachers among other things, but I was still feeling very distressful and my body was suffering the consequences of it.
She immediately put me at ease with her sweet presence and very genuine friendlessness.

The session was absolutely beautiful and life changing ! I felt the heaviness leave me in one single session and after that I was able help myself again, and take my own steps towards the resolution of my problems.

We spoke, she helped me understand beliefs that were blocking my wellbeing and to realize that my health was suffering the consequences of these limiting beliefs that had been lingering for a while without being resolved.

She helped me clear them, and I immediately felt peace. Suddenly my problems became small again, I understood why they were going on and that they were resolvable.
My health responded immediately, and in 2 days the pains I was experiencing in my body completely left me. Something I was not able to get myself rid of even with the use of high doses traditional medication.

She is a beautiful person, with a gentle and wise soul and the most important: She listens.
Her advice is that of a friend, and her healing session is of a Miracle Worker.
I have recommended to all my closes friends and family.
Everybody deserves an experience like the one I had, and I truly know that whoever gets touched by those hands, will be really well taken care of.
Thank you for all you have done for me Eugenia, for strengthening my faith and for helping me get up on my feet again. Now, I am up and running !
Much Love.

Körnerstraße 1, 22301 Hamburg
Tel: +49 163 8487 096
Eugenia Flores de la Torre