Mara B.

"Eugenia though hit me with her ethic, professionalism, joy, energy."

For those who don't have time to read the details below, a short note: if you got to this page, probably you are looking for something, the way I was 8 months ago. I would advice at least one time to take the chance to work with Eugenia, to bring some happiness in your life. And I did try different therapies as well. Eugenia though hit me with her ethic, professionalism, joy, energy.

And more below -:) a bit detailed, but maybe helpful for your healing journey too.

Last year I've e been seeing different doctors and doctors due to some health issues, lots and strong reactions in my body. And, since I am a super analytical person, lovely though -:), not believing so much in anything which I don't see - though something inside was telling me "life is more than what you can understand "... I was going right left to doctors. I could have not really imagined something else can help me, I would have not even thought my wonder body, my treasure mind and lovely hear are just waiting there to "come back to them", to rediscover them.

But somehow, I got to an appointment with Eugenia. I was hoping she will figure out what's with me, kind of to "heal me". Natural. Was my mind talking.

We had 2 sessions then but I stopped... continuing with doctors that I literally got into financial issues.
During this time, Eugenia was simply checking from time to time how I feel, never pressing me, giving me space to come back to whatever I was figuring out, simply being there for me when my time was. Very truthful and trustfull, isn't it?

And after 8 you go, I did the beginner workshop last week "I can try this, I tried different staff, what do I have to lose, I liked her energy and profesionalism anyway. And maybe I meet nice people". But I was hoping to feel more as a whole.
During these 3 days I got so peaceful, lower reactions in my body than the ones I had in the first day. But more, it was this connection between all the great people and the way Eugenia surrounded with some much love, openness, kindness though very clear following the structure of the workshop with a great value of professionalism.

You understand for my super analytical mind, that hit me somehow and, easily, opened me.
All the people helpful as well, super big hearts. I was still comparing myself with them as I was feeling I kind of have the image they are more open to such therapies than I was...or used to be. And they were super cool and came towards my doubts to surrender with their warm energy.
And Eugenia, simply knew how to surround all my doubts, my lack of self love, how to tackle some believes which maybe even me I was not realizing them how much they were affecting me.

There are many therapies out there. And for sure it's not the therapy nor the teacher or therapist who is going to heal, save you. But it does count to simply find that therapist or people who would inspire you, you can base on, you can work on yourself with trust, confidence but also joy. We had a lot of fun too, still Eugenia keeping her high ethical attitude, bringing so interesting stories, life examples.
I am not sooo much writing reviews - only for my magic Alsterperle, my favourite place.

But I do feel a big happiness to write here these lines. You know how it is to walk on the street and suddenly to have a pure love for your body, soul and mind? To be proud of them? To suddenly feel like you are so proud of them and you feel they are also here for you unconditional?
I do know now. Later or earlier in my journey? Does not matter. I do now.

And not to say somehow my relation with my boyfriend opened even more... he is even following with me a 3 days fasting. That's love.
And all these I had them this last week at Eugenia's workshop. I still need to continue my work with myself, but I am not afraid anymore.

So would like to send my deep deep grateful ness for Eugenia for offering me this chance, for surrounding us with her kindness, ethic of work, hinesty and joy too. And loved the super people in the class.

Smilling day ahead!

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